Fitting a New or Replacement Door

Hanging a New Door in Your Current Frame

Sometimes homeowners come across a new and beautiful door and they wish to replace their old one with it. In many cases though, the hinge placement is different and householders have a tough time trying to fit the new door.

Nevertheless, the current range of doors is usually standard thus, with a few tips you can be able to replace your old door with the new one. First, you will need basic woodwork tools that will help you do the job. If you do not already have these tools, pay a visit to your local hardware store and buy them. Some of these tools include a hammer, saw, tape measure, plane and chisel.

What you need to do

The first thing is obviously to remove the current door from the frame. You can do this by simply popping out the pins of the door hinges. Be careful not to unscrew the hinges from the door frame. To avoid this, use a hammer and a screwdriver to tap the pins out.

Next, measure your old door as well as the new one. If the new door is bigger than your current door, then cut it from the bottom to the correct size using a saw. Likewise, if the new door has a wider with you will need to trim it to the same with as your current door from the hinge side. Test the door to make certain it fits.

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doorsOnce the new door is of suitable size, notch out its hinges, and measures the placement of hinges on the old door. Mark the top all hinges on the new door, after which it is time to chisel. Place the chisel on the mark and hit it slightly with a hammer until you make an indentation.

Next screw in the new hinges using a screwdriver. Make sure that you are using the correct hinges. Once you have installed the hinges remove the door-pin and place the door into the doorframe. Match the hinges then insert the pins. You have now installed the door.

Test it to see whether it opens and shuts properly. Then next, you need to set up the strike plate. Take measurements of the area you will install the strike plate and chisel the frame out until the strike plate is flush. Then drill the latch hole and fix the strike plate using screws.

Once again, test to see if the door opens and shuts correctly. These instructions are for normal doors and might not apply to the current range of bi-fold doors.

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