Replacement Gas Boilers

The Worcester Greenstar I System Boiler Range

Replacement Gas BoilersWorcester Greenstar i System boilers are increasingly popular for small to medium sized properties with a moderate hot water need – so perfect for houses with 1-2 bathrooms. They have compact dimensions which enable the boiler to be installed in a variety of places within the property.

Water is stored within a hot water cylinder – this is then released through the taps in the house and pumped around the property through the pipe work for use in radiators.

The range comes with a wide range of optional digital controls to make it easier to control when the boiler is to be used and monitor the performance of your boiler.

This additional control should enable you to achieve a reduction in your utility bills.

What makes this boiler range different?

System boilers work on the principle of using stored hot water – however the Greenstar i range is different in 2 key ways:

1) Most of the components for the heating and water system can be found within the boiler itself. This helps to reduce the time it takes to install the boiler as excessive assembly is not required. It also makes it a lot easier to install and helps to add additional flexibility in where it can be placed within a property.

2) The Greenstar i boiler series does not require a cold water feed & expansion vessel in the loft. 2 different types of cylinder work with this type of system boiler – a mains pressure hot water cylinder or a low pressure hot water cylinder.

If you are interested in new environmentally friendly heating systems, you will be pleased that the Greenstar I range of system boilers & cylinders are compatible with solar water heating systems.

This means you can have a ready supply hot water with the added benefit of reduced hot water and heating costs. It is important to remember that gas system boilers must be serviced regularly by a competent, qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

What models of are available?

This Boiler Range from Worcester is available in the following models depending on the outputs that best suit your property:

  • Worcester Greenstar 12i – 7716130143
  • Worcester Greenstar 15i – 7716130168
  • Worcester Greenstar 18i – 7716130170
  • Worcester Greenstar 24i – 7716130144
  • Worcester Greenstar 30CDi NG -7716130143

The above boilers are also all available (fully fitted prices here) in a LPG range if you do not have a mains gas supply within your property.

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